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As a global consumer brand marketer and communications strategist, Laura Hall is a seasoned expert in working with agencies, teams and clients to help companies use creativity and omni-channel strategies to turn consumers into brand champions.

Laura created her consulting business as a result of communications agencies and consumer brand companies in need of a senior level communications strategist to challenge the status quo.  Brands look to her to dynamically change, reignite or jump-start communications with a fresh, creative approach anchored in strategy across all marketing  practices.

Having enjoyed a public relations career helping to shape the great stories brands tell, she's also helped companies catapult their products, elevate their position and engage consumers in meaningful ways.  From start-ups to Fortune 10 companies, launching and reinventing consumer brands and products, cultivating consumer conversations and delivering unexpected creative ideas for clients is what inspires her every day.

In this high-touch, high-tech world, critical to communications success and a measurable return on ideas is the fostering of a multi-channel approach to deepen consumer engagement. From the thrill of the chase of new business to helping clients think differently and take creative risks, Laura helps clients get out of their comfort zone, teams to channel their thinking in new ways and nurture business for growth.





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